“Holding Fast the Faithful Word” Titus 1:9

23-25 May 2016

This year’s Convocation took a radically new form. Some of the regular, routine items were shortened to allow most of the second day to be spent in Discussion Groups. Each member of Convocation had the opportunity to attend two of these. The topics covered Vision, Youth, Finance and Clergy recruitment, training and support. The feedback produced a wide range of ideas and material which is being analysed and will form the basis, under God, for various strategies for growth and renewal.

A related new initiative was a ‘Pound for a Pastor’ scheme, the aim of which is to encourage regular, committed giving to support clergy.

Convocation also gave final approval to amendments to the Canons to allow Overseas Dioceses to be formed. The Free Church of England has had overseas congregations since the 1850s, but this will be the first time we have made provision for them to be formed into Dioceses.