“Holding Fast the Faithful Word” Titus 1:9

March 2016

The Clergy Conference of the Northern Diocese met from 17th to 19th March at the Shipping Lanes Hotel, Morecambe. The guest speaker was the American theologian, speaker and blogger, the Revd Dr Peter Leithart, who spoke on themes related to the concept of Evangelical Catholicism. In the final session Dr Leithart gave a brief introduction to his new work on the Book of Revelation. Dr Leithart’s reputation attracted a number of visitors to the gathering and prompted some lively discussions.

Diocesan Synod on Saturday 19th March, held at Emmanuel Church, Morecambe, was memorable as the occasion on which we said goodbye to the Revd William Hall as Diocesan Secretary. Bill had served in that capacity since 2004 and discharged his duties faithfully. Bishop John Fenwick paid tribute to Bill and presented him with an inscribed silver bookmark on behalf of the Synod. Mrs Margaret Cassidy of Liscard was elected at the new Diocesan Secretary.

Synod spent quite a lot of time discussing how our finances can be maximised for growth and mission. A lively debated resulted in a number of suggestions to be fed into Convocation in May.