“Holding Fast the Faithful Word” Titus 1:9

Anglican Ecclesiology and the Gospel: The Renewing of a Vision


This book is about a vision for the Gospel.

That vision is simply that the Free Church of England, combining within herself all that is good in the Catholic heritage of historic Christianity with the clarity and fervour of a faith rooted in the Scriptures, is therefore able to be, in God’s hands, a vehicle for the bringing of the Gospel of God’s saving work in Jesus Christ to the peoples of the British Isles and beyond.

It is a vision that we believe to be capable of much wider application and therefore respectfully offer it to the Churches of the Anglican family and all the faithful in Christ Jesus.




‘This work will be indispensable for the future of Anglican orthodoxy. The Vision of Anglican Ecclesiology and Gospel is exactly that. … An extraordinarily wide-ranging scholarly survey of the current world-wide Anglican scene. The Gospel in the title shines through ….’
C FitzSimons Allison (12th Bishop of South Carolina)

‘Few books are a classic and indispensable the moment they are published, but I believe Anglican Ecclesiology and the Gospel fulfils this. … It is a book you will not want to put down until you have finished it, thought about it, and then reread at least part of it again. … You not only should have this book, you will enjoy this book and the time spent moving through it.’
Bishop David C Anderson (Chairman of the Board – The American Anglian Council)

‘This superb book will stand in equal honour with so many of the masterpieces to which it refers.’
The Right Reverend Donald F Harvey (Episcopal Vicar Anglian Network in Canada)