As the FCE grows in Venezuela, let us pray.

In the chaos that threatens to overwhelm the nation of Venezuela, the Free Church in Venezuela entreats us to pray for the leaders, for her people, and for the church. The Free Church of England continues to grow around the country. There are six local congregations and missions, and over 500 active members.

  • ​Pray for the nation of Venezuela, that God will free her from the dark forces of evil and the violence that has already claimed so many lives.

  • Pray for every Venezuelan, inside and outside the country, that their hearts may remain pure and their spirits high, optimistic and hopeful. And pray, in particular, that the hatred, anger, resentment or vengeance does not take root in their hearts.

  • Pray for those who suffer from food and medicine shortages, and for those who have suffered at the hands of criminals and an oppressive regime.

  • Pray that God will plant His Word in the hearts and minds of each government official to act in true justice and righteousness.

  • Pray that God will establish His kingdom in Venezuela and dispel the spiritual darkness.

  • Pray for the Free Church in Venezuela, for their congregations, and for all who believe in God, so that the message of the peace, truth and love of Jesus may be proclaimed in power to all and bring about healing for the wounds that remain from years of oppression, violence and hatred.

  • Pray for lasting peace in Venezuela and for a return to the nation’s Christian values and beliefs.

Our Father, who holds the earth in the palm of Your hand, we pray for this nation that is on a path of self-destruction. We pray for the nation, that You will bring lasting peace. We pray for Your church there that the gospel message of hope might be proclaimed with great power and might through the work of Your Holy Spirit. And we pray for the people, that they may be freed not only from political oppression, but also from the oppression of the evil one. Raise up a mighty nation of people to stand for truth and righteousness, to serve Christ and to praise His holy name. And it is in the name of Jesus, who is before all things and in whom all things hold together (from Col 1) that we pray. Amen.