Thoughts on Emmanuel, Tunbridge Wells

Emmanuel Anglican Church was planted in October last year. It is still a little baby tree that needs to be protected and sheltered as it grows.

Given that we are very grateful for the assistance Colin Mills has given us with bank accounts. The Southern Diocese has helped us process finances. We are also thankful to our trustees who have worked so hard to produce up to date trust deeds and had these approved for charitable status. We have produced documents that mesh with the FCE Canons and can hopefully be a model for other plants in the future.

Currently we have two trainee lay readers hoping to be appointed in early 2019. We run a Sunday evening service and despite not putting on explicit outreach events have had three women from the estate bring their children and start doing Christianity Explored with Susanna Sanlon.

We are very thankful to God for our first year of meeting together.

The Rev’d Dr. Peter Sanlon