First South American Synod Breaks new ground

In June 2018, The Free Church of England Convocation gave approval to the creation of the South American Diocese within The FCE.

Bishop Josep Rossello, the first Diocesan Bishop, said that the creation of this new FCE dioceses helps to preach more effectively the Gospel, the health of the Church, and the training of new generations for ministry in the Kingdom of Christ our Lord. The Free Church of England continues being strongly in its evangelical and protestant principles.

The Diocesan Synod, meeting at Capela Anglicana bom Pastor in São Paulo, Brazil, approved the Vision 2025, elect a Standing Committee and the Diocesan delegates to Convocation, as well as the Diocesan Secretary and Treasurer.”

The South American Diocese is the largest diocese in The Free Church of England, even though it began with a house church in 2009, and it has grown considerable since then.

Please rejoice and pray with the South American Diocese of The Free Church of England as they enter this new season.