Bishop Josep Rossello makes his second visit to Venezuela

Sometimes, all you have to do is leave your life at home to realize just how thankful you are for the life you have. Bishop Josep Rossello did exactly that when he went on a mission to Venezuela. After 13 days in that South American country, Bishop Josep knew without a doubt, he has much to be thankful for.

He went on this mission in beginning-November to Caracas and the Valley of Tuy, located on inland Venezuela. Caracas is the largest city and capital of that country, with a population of just over 30 million people.

The Free Church of England has a missionary work in that country. And the South American Diocese has supported at the Thomas Cranmer School of Theology which is located in Ocumare.

There was for teaching and pastoral care, as there is so much need to build the Christian churches in Venezuela. “Teaching was the biggest project in this occasions.  I spent most of their time teaching and preaching. Also, there were  a list of other projects to work on during the time I were there. It was so special to be able to help them and they were all so grateful for everything I was doing, from the pastoral teaching, to the confirmations (over 20 confirmations and 18 baptism) to all the teaching and everything in between,” bishop Rossello said.

Venezuela is facing “extreme poverty”. This is why Bishop Josep Rossello was glad that he was able to bring Bibles, christian books, medical drugs, donations and financial funds to support the work in Venezuela. The South Americna diocese in Venezuela were deeply thankful for the financial resources provided by Brazil and some churches in England.

This was Bishop Josep’s second visit to Venezuela. He was blessed to encounter a growing and stronger church once he arrived in Caracas. During his visit, it was ordained a new presbyter in Caracas, and a new mission has started in this city.