150th Anniversary Conference

UK Conference at St John’s with Trinity, Tottington, BL8 3NJ

St John’s with Trinity strongly encourage you to come and hear the Revd Dr Peter Leithart on 20th April 2018 with interaction from the Rt Revd Dr Gavin Ashenden and the Revd Dr Peter Sanlon at our special 150th-anniversary conference.

It is an almost incredible privilege to have secured the combined presence of these three men together with our own, erudite, Bishop Primus at a meeting in the Northern Diocese of the Free Church of England (FCE).

This is a unique opportunity to listen to and interact with these very gifted Ministers and we urge you not to miss what will be a historic event in the life of the FCE.

The Revd Dr Peter J. Leithart is an American minister, theologian and president of Theopolis Institute for Biblical, Liturgical, & Cultural Studies in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr Leithart is also a prolific author. He publishes on several blogs, has written numerous essays and (so far) around fifty books including Bible commentaries and works on English literature. In particular he has written much about the Trinity and on ecclesiology, the combination of which he will be addressing on Friday 20th April.

The Rt Revd Dr Gavin Ashenden was ordained in the Church of England in 1980 and was an Honorary Chaplain to the Queen from 2008 until his resignation in 2017 after speaking out against a service at St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow in which the Qur’an was read. Later in 2017 he was consecrated as a missionary bishop by the Christian Episcopal Church. He is a man of deep faith, learning and wide experience of the universal Church.

The Revd Dr Peter Sanlon holds theology degrees from Cambridge and Oxford Universities and is, besides being a minister in both the C of E and the FCE a tutor at St John’s College, Nottingham. Peter is the founding minister of Emmanuel Anglican (FCE) Church in Tunbridge Wells and the Director of Training for the Free Church of England.

Please find here the news of our forthcoming sesquicentennial celebrations and UK conference at St John’s with Trinity, Tottington, BL8 3NJ and feel free to pass it to whomever you think may be interested.


God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.

C. S. Lewis

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George Whitefield

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Bishop John Fenwick

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