Primus attends ACNA Provincial Assembly

Primus attends Provincial Assembly of Anglican Church in North America

At the invitation of Archbishop Foley Beach, Bishop Fenwick attended the week of events associated with the Provincial Assembly of the ACNA.

On Monday 26th June he attended the meeting of the College of Bishops of the ACNA and was invited to address them. He did so, explaining that the appointment of a Missionary Bishop by the GAFCON Primates had been somewhat problematic for the FCE and RE bishops in the UK and Europe, but welcoming Andy Lines as a bishop of a Church in communion with them, and looking forward to working in partnership with Bishop Lines and the College of Bishop as his ministry takes shape.

The following day was devoted to the Annual Provincial Council at which the most significant item of business was the reception of the Diocese of South Carolina which had voted unanimously to leave The Episcopal Church (TEC) and join the ACNA. The bishop and delegates were given a standing ovation.

There then followed two days of workshops and plenary sessions attended by approximately 1,400 people, many of them young. The theme was Mission on our Doorstop, with a strong emphasis on sharing the Gospel with neighbours.

During the course of the Assembly Bishop Fenwick held a meeting with Canon Phil Ashey of the American Anglican Council and the Revd Mark Eldredge to discuss approaches to the revitalisation programme for the FCE.


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